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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I'm tired. Last night was the annual fourth of July extravaganza. We had around 35 people over. 10 of big sis's, six of us, and then little sis and middle sis's families. It's time for a bigger house. We were soooo crammed in there. I belive this has just motivated me to make the addition to the house even more. this way we would have 2 big ol living rooms instead of one.

We won. Well, I should say Hubby won. It's gonna be a doozy next year. Oldest sis has has the trophy 2 yrs and we've had the trophy for 2!. It's on like donkey kong next year. The tie breakers of all tie breakers.

Here are some pics of the night.

Here are the 'works that went up at one shot. Total = one car payment.

Our display for the night. It's a painter scaffold with all the fireworks either taped to something or sitting up on plywood! How crazy is this. See how light it is outside? Yeah we started to decorate way before this and didn't finish until it got dark. Craaaaaaazy. We are way too much into this day.

And it all goes up in flames!!!! Whoooosh.....money all gone!

Here is oldest sis's display. They got a huge ass ladder (which will never be used again, I'm sure) and placed a firework on each rung, plus 2 big ones on a couple of sawhorses next to it. They fused them all together and lit it all at once,to the background music of Superman. The first 2 didn't go off as planned so they had to light them by hand, but all the other ones went off smooth. It was cool. The fuse helped out a lot.

And then there's hubby, standing victorious with his burnt ashes and money with his plastic trophy. (pic not showing,....don't know why)

This year we took a silent vote. Everyone had a piece of paper and was asked to write either a P or an A. Oldest sis's son, took the hat into the garage to tally the votes. You should have seen....20 people in the garage awaiting the announcement. It was surreal.. like in the movies. Every one waiting......you could hear a pin drop. All of a sudden, the score was tie - tie and one piece of paper left. He pulled it up and the letter was P. A huge roar went up and hubby's day was made. He was really sweating. The end tally was 20 - 19!!!.

All in all, it was great. Oldest sis and her daughter in law cleaned my kitchen, we had some awesome margaritas, good food, good company, and THE TROPHY.....until next year that is.

I'm sure hubby and brother in law are planning next year already. For sure, as of Jan 2, 2007, I am taking off July 5th, no matter what!


At 9:10 PM , Blogger Tai said...


Us Canadians just don't have as many fireworks or something, that's impressive!

(So from a Northern sister to Southern one...happy 1st and 4th day of July!)

At 1:56 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

ON, like Donkey Kong!!!


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