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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Last night, I came home to a surly hubby. sure he's working 13 hrs a day in the 107 degree heat....aaaaannnnddddd! The guy has taken off more time than I have with both my pregnancies for fuck sake. He will also most likely be spending his winter days snuggled in his bed, while I go off to work. so fuck it I say. Anyways, I digress.

Hubby bad mood, check. I don't give a fuck mood for myself, check check.

I sit on the couch and "ouch"...i just got bit. I got off the couch and to my surprise, I had ants everywhere. On the couch, on the pillow, on the wall behind the couch, on the countertop and in the cupboards. Does this surprise me? NO. Every year we have ants. It's inevitable. We don't have a service and our house was built on an ant mound the size of Texas. I cannot help it, any more than the Freelings could when their house was built on the Indian burial ground and Carol Ann went trapesing off with the TV people. Shits' gonna happen.....deal with it.

So I calmly got up to get the vacuum (as I do every year) and proceed to vacuum the little bastards up.
Oh no no no....that wouldn't do for cranky hubby. He then proceeded to tell (yell) that this shit was gonna stop. ...some things he said

"We are not going to live like this anymore."
"You (meaning the kids) aren't to blamed for this. Your mom never taught you any chores cause she never had to do anything."
"This is fucking the last straw, we are going to clean this house from top to bottom."
"You (meaning me) may be able to live like this but I can't and won't"
"(The girl), if your mom ain't gonna do it, then you get to. Prepare to stay at home a lot more to do this shit."
"(The boy), and your room is next. I won't be having it.........

You get the gist. On and On and On. I mean, he acted if we had shitted in the middle of the room daily and had food and clothes and a decomposing body in there. Way , Way out of control.

I was in the kitchen sucking up dead ants (thank you, Raid) actually listening to him rant and rave while thinking , "oh man, this is SO going in my blog". I would also like to congratulate myself on keeping my temper in check and not going off like a mad woman, which has happened many a times. But with the mood I was in and the way he was acting, oh I know shit would've gone down and I didn't want the kids to see their mom getting handcuffed and lead away. They have enough problems without having to witness the ass kicking of their dad's life.

After all the ants were gone (for now, cause they're really never ever gone until September) , the girl went to Gma's, the boy went to bed and I went to go play Free Cell.

At the appropriate 10:30, I of course get the "what? your not coming to bed?" puppy dog look. yeah right buddy....like that's gonna happen.


At 2:49 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

He would die if he had to live with me because we do shit in the middle of the room daily and have food and clothes and a decomposing body laying around...

But we DON'T have ants!!

At 6:25 AM , Blogger Christine said...

I have a similar problem. It is the BIG FRIGGIN carpenter ants. Every darn year I pay mega bucks for the exterminator to come out and blast the suckers but are they gone for good? Oh Nooo. They come back as if they were on vacation, set down their luggage and begin to make themselves right at f-ing home. The exterminator keeps promising he found the dreaded nest..yeah right. I know they are gone now but will be back next May with friends.
I feel your pain. And btw, I am OCD, there isn't a speak of dirt, dust or crumbs anywhere in my home and they still come. Tell hubby to kiss your ass. Better yet, hand him the mop and bucket and get your floors washed out of it. Wow, I certainly had a lot to say. And about ants. I need to get out more.


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