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Sunday, April 23, 2006

hAPPY b dAY tO mE

Yep. it was my birthday yesterday. It didn't even seem like it. It was a busy day. Got up early cause the girl had try outs for her new cheer team and had to be there by 8:45. Way to early to get up on your birthday or a Saturday. Hubby and I decided to travel up the mountain and go to a casino and celebrate. We drove the 40 minutes up there and I lost my allotment of money in a record 55 minutes. I spent 265.00 in under an hour. What a crock of shit. Hubby sat at the 5.00 miniumum 21 table and sat there for the next 4 hrs playing off his 20 bucks. Thank God he won. He came out of there with 175.00 so we didn't lose too much.

Today was a much quieter day. I went up to big town and went shopping with friend L for her cruise. Man that was some shopping. She swears she's a size 8 but none of those 8's seemed to be fitting and had to go to a 13. 8 my ass. It was funny.

Another day another birthday. Except instead of turning 35, I've decided to subrtact 5 yrs off my real age each b day. Yesterday I turned 30! Go me!!!


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