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Friday, April 21, 2006

Well well well....it has been a long time. I haven't written in a week. And believe me it wasn't cause I didn't have anything to say.

Let's see:

On the way up to the big city, we were going to stop by the granite people (AGAIN)
and then go to a friends new house. and on the way up there, hubby says....
"i didn't want to ruin your Easter weekend with your family but I have to tell you

well as we all know that never starts out good. so as I'm sitting there with a bowling ball in my stomach of nerves, he says...."i got a letter from the school on friday....the boy isn't going to walk for graduation". he got an F (in computer class of all classes) and they won't let him walk cause you can't have any F's on your 3rd qtr grades. sooooo...after yelling at the boy on the phone for a good 20 minutes, we turned around and had ourselves an old fashioned intervention with him and the 3 of us talked for like 2 1/2 hrs. after that I was mentally and physically (crying/screaming) drained.

During the conversations we asked himm if there were any problems and if we could help out anyway. He didn't say anything and he started to cry. Big sobbing cries. We started to worry. Well it turns out that he's got some issues. Not horrible or anything, just that he has issues with his dad and its eating him up. It was soooo sad. Hubby was really really good and they talked a lot and i sat there a lot. Hubby basically said, i can take it if you hate me, i don't mind...as long as i'm there to push you and make you a better person Take out all your frustrations out on me. if you have anger or hate, fine, but u need to do something about it...you feel the need to try
me....step on up. i'll be here. all boys r gonna try their fathers at least once... a whole bunch of talking...it was intense to say the least.

Yeah basically, he has a lot of anger and hurt in him and problems with his dad. The boy is sensitive and emotional....whilst his dad is nothing like that. Its like water and oil mixing...they just don't. If you ask anyone the boy is the most polite and thoughtful kid you'd ever want to meet. Teachers,adults, relatives, strangers.

I think a part of it is that he has a very good imagination (now this is on top of the bad relationship he has with his father) but his imagination is good and he's always writing stories about other worlds and gods and demons...i think he believes in those tooo much. Not in the way that he see's these creatures or shit like that....just that he thinks that the world or problems should be resolved in a 1/2 hr animae or 5 chpater book. Kind of scary but not. I can relate to him. i've been there. he's very much like me and in ways i know where he's coming from.

In the beginning since he's been 7 yrs old, he's always wanted to write. He wants to write and animate. Animae is his thing and he's really good at it. I've always encouraged him in his writing cause its what he likes to do. I never said, son, don't think you should be writing about those things cause i didn't want him to think that what he enjoys is something that's bad. Now that's my downfall. I encouraged him so much and overly did it cause his father didn't so i was like trying to make up for his lack of it.

So, I'll trudge along. Get the boy into some kind of therapy and maybe even all of us and we'll start from there. You never know when life is gonna throw you a curve ball. Damn.


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