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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Have a nice trip....cya next fall.

Jesus, my mom fell down tonight. Literally. No joke. She went out to my car to talk to me and she was heading back into the house. I watched her walk away and BAM, she tucked and rolled. Or more rolled. It was like slow motion. One minute she was in her flannel pj's and nightgown and the next she was sprawled out on the grass. She didn't move. I jumped out of the car and ran over and said "don't move, Aud call your dad"....to which the girl came running out and started to panic cause she got scared. It's a horrible thing to see your parents helpless. I hate it. Seeing my mom laid out was bad. It brought up some horrible memories of my dad laying on the floor before he went. I of course didn't show it and I even got her inside and made light of the whole thing by making fun of her. Re-enacted the roll for the girl to see, so that there would be some laughs instead of tears. She said she's ok, she's only pissed that she had just found her warm flannel pj's and now there were soaking wet from the grass. I told her I was going to tell oldest sis all about it. She beat me to it.
If your reading this sis, make sure she's ok tomorrow.


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