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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The F bomb

If anyone knows me at all or have read my blog will know that I can use the "fuck" in almost any sentence. I can lay the F word down faster than you could blink an eye. It's a gift.
The boy has wanted to see "Doom" since it opened and last night hubby, the boy and I went to the 7:20 showing. Exactly 3 other people were in the theater with us. Too cool. Anyways, The Rock starred in this doomed picture. 85% of it was too dark for me to see. It was the standard alien flick that I had to sit and ask hubby, "What was that?", "What just came spitting out of his mouth?" "Where did his head go?", shit like that. I usually have to wait for the DVD to come out to see any of the real good gore up and personal. Except this one. Oh dear Lord, did this movie suck.
The worse part was that I actually cringed everytime The Rock said "fuck". I love that word. I love saying it, doing it, repeating it, expanding on it, but to have him desecrate my word was hard to listen to. He said it 7 times, I counted. Right after the first time he used it, I started counting.
1. What the fuck was that?
2. I said fucking now
3. I don't give a fuck
4. Where the fuck did it go?
5. You do what the fuck I say to do.
There were two other times he used it but I can't remember what it was. Now of course the above is paraphrasing, but u get the jist. Any ways, everytime he said it, he ennunciated like it was a big deal. What the FUCK was that. I said FUCK-ING now. It was horrible.
Thought I would just have to write that down. Don't know why, just had to FUCK-ING do it.


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