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Friday, October 28, 2005

Dentist part II

Hubby is still off of work due to his trip to the dentist. See earlier post. He's still sooo swollen. I can't believe it. Mom of course is looking up paralysis due to horrible fucked up wisdom toothe extractions. I of course related them to hubby and he's having a heart attack.
I came home yesterday from work and found him sititng in front of the 60" T.V. in his recliner playing the new Reisident Evil playstation game. It's been years since i've seen that fucking chair in fron of the T.V. When he was off of work for those 2 years he hurt his back, he had that fucking thing always in front of the tube. That was his only thing to do when he was off. Play the playstation or watch movies. In the first year he was off, Blockbuster told us that we had rented 281 movies. And now the dreaded chair is back in its familiar position.
Aaaah well, at least I still get to smoke!!! hahahahaha


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