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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The panic button

Little sis actually got some excitement today. The place where she works got robbed. She called and said that a man came in and jumped up onto the teller counter and demanded all their 100 dollar bills. Since the guys back was turned she was able to get under her desk. She actually feels bad that she hid. What the fuck? I wouldn't. Hell, if there was a back door close by I probably would have serpentined right out the fucker. She said she was on the phone with a customer when the guy came in and she actually said, "We're getting robbed I have to go now" and hung up. That made me laugh. She has to go to a mandatory counseling session on Thrusday. How awful that must have been for her and how sad was it that the police didn't show up until 10 minutes after the guy left. When the guy first walked in , she thought he was a maintenace guy there to change a lightbulb when he jumped up on the counter. Poor girl. I called her after we got the call from Mom so I of course called her and said, "What's up Bonnie and Clyde?" I told her to see if there was some kind of bonus money award for going thru that. Probably not. All she'll get is a cramped neck from hiding under the desk and a counseling session. Damn.


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