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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Going over to sis site, I saw that she wrote some stuff down about our Gma C. It was her birthday yesterday. I hadn't realized that I didn't know her all too well. That makes me sad. I luved my Gma C and Gpa Bud, they were great, but they were older for me than for her. She got to live next door to them for 13 years and have them while they were in their prime. I got to see them slowly getting older and having problems. I realize that the boy and the girl are as close to their Gma and feel very good that they will get to see the good mixed in with the bad. Gma K is their second mom.

I remember things here and there that have stuck in my mind about Gma C. But things like making her own frosting??? Never knew that one. What I do remember is her spaghetti...very very good. I remember the Charles Schultz Peanuts cartoon book that I always read over there. Those and all the Enquirer's. I remember her black rimmed glasses she wore. Mom taking her to the store for groceries and having the same list week after week (just like my kids do for her). How sad, off the top of my head that's it. I can't remember her voice, nor her smell, or her mannerisms. I do remember towards the end, the angry looks she would give and smart remarks to Gpa Bud. I remember her in the home that we had to put her in. She wore no glasses while she was in there.

I wish I could remember more of the good.


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