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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


man oh man...I coudln't wait for tonight. For tonight was the season premier of Deadliest Catch.

A year ago, hubby and I and the kids were lying around on a lazy Sunday and we happened to turn on the Discovery Channel. They had a marathon of Deadliest Catch. It's about crab fishing. They follow these boats around and let you see what a thrill and a dangerous job this really is. Now, I know nothing about boating, nor crab fishing. Hell I don't even eat seafood, let a lone crab legs. But man I was hooked. It's really a neat show. We sat there that Sunday and watched every episode of Season 1. I couldn't wait for 2 to begin. Tonight was that night. Promptly at 9:00, I turned to watch my new found friends, the crab fishermen. I hate that its only a 1/2hr show. I need more.

I need a life.


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