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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Five weird things about me.

1. Weird, and dangerous. I have to drive with one foot up on the console. I partly do this cause I tend to drive with 2 feet...one on brake the other on the gas. So to stop this I stick it up against my left air vent.

2. 35 yr old, married w/2 kids and I still read Buffy fanfic everynight!! 'Nuff said.

3. Never iron at night (except before a trip). Something mom did and handed down to us quacks that we all seem to follow.

4. I have to sleep on my side, no matter what. Most nights I have to sleep on my side with one leg propped up on my husband. he hates this, but if he wants to continue to get some, he better let the leg stay up there.

5. The bedroom door can never be closed while I sleep. I always slept in my mom's house with the door open. Never did it close. Hubby likes the door closed and I forbid it.

About me, from A - Z

1. Accent: Can't even do a crappy version of one.
2. Booze of choice: Tequila
3. Chore I hate: Cleaning
4. Dog or cat: kittens
5. Essential electronics: Stereo
6. Favorite perfume/cologne: Amor Amor
7. Gold or silver: Silver
8. Hometown: Bear Town, CA ditto
9. Insomnia: Once I decide to go to bed, its minutes when I fall to sleep
10. Job title: Pit Viper (sometimes collector for my job)
11. Kids: the boy and the girl
12. Living arrangements: 3 bedrooms, one computer room, at the moment, which is odd, its just the hubby, the boy and the girl.
13. Most admired trait: honestly I have no idea...is that bad?
14. Number of sexual partners: oh man, strawberry
15. Overnight hospital stays: twice for the boy and the girl
16. Phobia: I fear nothing....other than getting lost. I hate that feeling.
17. Quote: "Oh hell no"
18. Religion: Catholic
19. Siblings: two older sis's (hey, sis) one younger
20. Time I wake up: 6:30, snooze until 6:55 just in time to put on Buffy while getting ready
21. Unusual talent or skill: Touch my tongue to my chin. Pull my eyeballs back into the sockets (see profile), spread my toes so they look like fingers, oh I's gots all kinds of talents
22. Vegetable I refuse to eat: every single damn one of them
23. Worst habit: leaving the iron all day after I iron in the morning (cause I can't at night)
24. X-rays: with the boy and the girl; CAT Scan; numberous chest X-rays
25. Yummy foods I make: a run to the restaurant for: Calzone, steak & twice baked potatoes, all kids of good foods
26. Zodiac sign: Taurus


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