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Monday, March 20, 2006


It's time we did out countertops. why? cause I don't like grout and I don't clean grout. My nice white grout is actual kind of dark greyish now. Not everywhere, but enought places to where I'm not liking it. Soooooo....hubby and i have been going over and over the kinds and colors. Granite's out of the question, cause I have mucho counter space and I don't feel like spending 8,500 on it. Silestone and Corian it is. I've been to the websites, I've been to the Home shows, I've been to the contractors and to both the blue (Lowe's) and the orange (Home Depot). It's been 32 days since we decided to do this and today's the day we begin. Hopfully, as I type, the hubby has got the chisel (hammer? whatever he's using) and has started to blast thru the tile so that Home Depot can come out and do a measurement.

Finally a color.

Am I thrilled with the selection, I wouldn't say thrilled, but It's do-able. We 're so fed up with types, patterns, and colors, we just kind of went in and pointed and said, "That one, just do it"

The good thing is that it does have some sort of burgundy color in it and that may be great, cause I would love to do the kitchen in some sort of that color. This could get interesting.

I'll have to go home and take pics of hubbys demolition work in progress. They say we will be a month without counters.....big whooop...its not like I go into the kitchen anyways.


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