Ramblings of a Mad Piggie

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


1. Middle sis is home from vacay

2. Friend R is still gone.

3. Baby sis called, niece is not feeling well. Possible infection again. Told her no baths and lots of water

4. Tried to put togther a table today. I have 4 legs and a table top strewn about the floor now.

5. Futurama is on right now.

6. Friend L hasn't called in 4 days, something's up.

7. Laundry room still isn't done

8. Fat....yep. Still fat.

9. Brought my hawaiian coins home so sis can take to the bank later on.

10. Watched American Idol (yeah, I said it)tonight.

11. Looked up Henry HIll, Paul Cicero and Tommy Desimoone on line tonight. How bored am I!!

12. Bought a new table and chairs. Have to get rid of the old one now.


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